Our custom hand-printing provides the photographer with photographs of excellent quality. Custom prints are recommended for photos intended for display or reproduction.
Paper choices include Ilford Multigrade Coldtone or Warmtone Pearl papers. 
Warmtone is a unique option for your images with a slightly off-white base that makes portraiture and landscapes glow. This service is available from B&W 35mm to 8×10 negatives.  Color or Infrared negatives will receive Exhibition Service.

                                                                                                                                                                                                            5×7 or smaller.                 8×10               11×14.       16×20.       20×24
Coldtone.      13.50.      21.50.     36.00.   58.00.   75.00
Warmtone   16.00     26.00    45.00    72.00     98.00

set of 8 wallets from one negative $10.00

Normal Turnaround Time: 3-4 working days 
Rush services available 
Full Frame Black Border: Add $6.50  
Vignetting: Add 100% 
Sepia or Selenium Toning: Add 100% 

Contrast & density control
Precise cropping
Light dodging & burning
Custom borders, ⅛” standard
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

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