J Hudson

Hudson Research

Eartha photographed my mother. Eartha connected with her and captured her essence in a number of photos. She did a great job and I'll hire her again.

Marc Crumpton

Bay Search Partners

Eartha was instrumental in getting a visual message out for one of our projects, Intralinket.com. We would definitely utilize her serves for future projects.

Patti Choby

Working with leaders to build sustainable business models and healthy cultures at Cobalt Group.

Ronald K. Copfer, Jr.

Founder, CEO at Heureka Software, LLC

Eartha's eye is like no other, a compelling visual artists who knows how to frame and capture the essence of something, without intruding its space. And can definitelty print it out. A lovely spirit to work with!

Patrick Sweany

The Man at Patrick Sweany Industries.

Eartha was creative, professional, and worked hard to have a finished product on a very crucial deadline.

Greg Jolly

Independent Publishing Professional

Eartha is one of the most creative, interesting and professional photographers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I can't recommend her enough, and look forward to working with her again in the future!

Roger Sizemore

Have camera, will travel

Eartha brings the kind of novel thinking to every job that can make a mundane concept into something fresh and exciting. She also has the mental stamina to see the job through to completion, no matter how long it takes.

Bob Carmichael

Academy Award nominated, Emmy winning director heads a progressive motion picture & still photography company in Boulder

Eartha knows her stuff. She is a relaxed but creative type who is easy to work with. She has a distinctive eye and I highly recommend her.

Karen Perkowski

Owner, ArteFino Gallery Cafe/Real Estate Development

Eartha is one of the most talented photographers that I have ever met. She has taken photos of my children for several years and the photographs are nothing short of spectacular.

I have also viewed her other works and her creativity is truly unmatched in this profession.

Lauren Smiley

Staff Writer at San Francisco Weekly

Eartha wowed me with her commitment to the photo essay that accompanied my story on the ballroom culture of black gay and transgender youth. Eartha is no get-the-shot-and-dash operation; she took time to know the subject, resulting in pictures rooted in real understanding and insight. She even set up a last-minute re-shoot for the cover when the first cover shoot wasn't what we expected, and has an un-intrusive shooting style that put the subject at ease. I would easily work with Eartha again.l